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Kid-friendly weekend trips from Atlanta

Discover the ultimate weekend escapes around Atlanta that are a hit with kids of all ages.

October 27, 2023
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Feb 6
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So, you find yourself nestled in the vibrant heart of Georgia, surrounded by peach orchards and your little cherubs are buzzing with boundless energy. Atlanta offers a myriad of weekend getaways that promise not just a breath of fresh air, but a whirlwind of adventure, sprinkled with learning opportunities for the young and the young at heart. Buckle up as we take you on a whirlwind tour of the most scintillating, kid-friendly weekend trips from Atlanta, where laughter never ends and where family memories await to be created.

Chattahoochee Nature Center, Georgia

Envision a weekend getaway where little eyes widen at the sight of vibrant flora and fauna, where every turn unveils a new natural wonder. The Chattahoochee Nature Center is a wonderland that offers interactive exhibits to enrich young minds and raptor shows to ignite their adventurous spirits. In the midst of untouched nature, your family can meander through butterfly gardens or embark on woodland trails. The center serves as a nurturing ground where kids can foster a deep connection with nature while enjoying a day of unending exploration and learning, giving them a sense of the world that exists beyond the city hustle and bustle.

Callaway Gardens, Georgia

Bring the family to a place where relaxation meets exhilaration — the stunning Callaway Gardens. This abode of natural beauty promises a myriad of adventures, from treetop quests to zip lines that provide a bird's eye view of the lush surroundings. Kids would be thrilled to engage in a scavenger hunt, adding an element of mystery and exploration to your weekend trip. The sprawling gardens offer kids a canvas to unleash their imagination as they learn about different plant species and perhaps spot a fluttering butterfly or two. It's a serene yet stimulating environment where family bonds strengthen amidst the beauty of nature.

Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

A perfect blend of historical wonder and contemporary attractions, Stone Mountain Park promises a family weekend trip steeped in adventure and learning. From laser shows that light up the night sky to SkyHike adventure courses designed to thrill young hearts, the park offers an array of activities to keep the little ones engaged.

Athens, Georgia

Indulge in a weekend getaway in Athens, where art, culture, and botany converge to offer an enriching experience for the family. The Georgia Museum of Art captivates young minds with its vibrant exhibits, encouraging an early appreciation for the arts. Your little botanists will be entranced at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, a paradise of colors and fragrances designed to foster a deep love for nature. From art installations that spark creativity to the fragrant blossoms that invite curiosity, Athens offers a rich tapestry of experiences to nurture young minds and provide a refreshing escape for the adults too.

Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia

Prepare for a breathtaking adventure as you head to Amicalola Falls State Park. This haven of natural wonder offers family-friendly hiking trails leading to the magnificent waterfall that stands as the park's pièce de résistance. It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce the kids to the joys of hiking, fostering a sense of achievement as they reach the waterfall. The views from the lodge are awe-inspiring, offering moments of reflection and serenity as you take in the grandeur of nature. With nature programs to educate the young ones and scenic spots for picnics, it’s a weekend getaway that guarantees fun and learning in equal measure.

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Welcome to the serene landscapes of Blue Ridge, where your family can embark on a train journey weaving through picturesque mountain vistas, offering awe-inspiring views that would have the little ones glued to the windows. The downtown area is a vibrant hub bustling with playful energy; boutique shops beckon with an array of delightful finds while eateries stand ready to sate your appetite with kid-friendly menus. Engage the youngsters in a playful exploration of the art galleries, and watch their faces light up with wonder in the sweet shop. Here, every street corner offers a new discovery, painting your weekend with vibrant shades of joy and relaxation.

Macon, Georgia

Step into Macon, a hub of rhythmic heartbeats pulsating with a rich musical history and architectural marvels that tell tales of bygone eras. One of the star attractions for families is the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, a place that inspires with stories of legends and heroes from the sporting world, fostering dreams of grandeur in young hearts. It's a place where kids can immerse themselves in interactive exhibits, encouraging them to dream big and maybe even find their own sporting hero. While in Macon, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the historic homes, offering a splendid visual treat and a journey through history, fostering an appreciation for architectural grandeur in the young minds.

Columbus, Georgia

Set your course to Columbus, where an array of family-friendly activities awaits to make your weekend memorable. At the forefront is the Coca-Cola Space Science Center, a place where young minds can venture into the galaxies far beyond through interactive exhibits, and perhaps, envision themselves as the astronauts of the future. But the adventures don't end in space; the Chattahoochee River offers exhilarating water sports, promising a splash of fun and laughter as you navigate the currents together. It’s a destination that serves a rich platter of science and adventure, offering a balanced diet of knowledge and unbridled fun, perfect for feeding young, curious minds.

LaGrange, Georgia

LaGrange beckons with open arms, inviting families to delve into a city brimming with activities that resonate with laughter and joy. The centerpiece of your weekend adventure here could be the Wild Animal Safari, offering an exhilarating opportunity for close encounters with exotic animals in a safe and guided environment. The journey through the park promises bursts of excitement as kids spot different animals, feeding their sense of wonder and nurturing a respect for the animal kingdom. The city offers more than just animal adventures, with parks and recreational spaces offering a perfect backdrop for a family picnic, letting the weekend unfold with laughter, fun, and spontaneous smiles.
As you head back to Atlanta, your heart will be fuller with precious memories and perhaps a car full of laughter and a tiny souvenir or two from one of these remarkable destinations that waited, just a drive away from home, to offer you moments of joy and discovery. So here's to a weekend filled with giggles, a dash of adventure, and the joyous chaos of family trips; until the next one, happy travels!

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