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Top 5 hacks to save on gas

We’re pumped to show you all the tips we know for saving money on fuel.

April 5, 2023
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Jan 18
A man pumping gas into his car at a gas station.

Gas prices. They’re high and they’re not coming back down anytime soon. But there’s hope! We found some of the best ways to save money at the pump.

  1. Find the cheapest gas station near you

Check out apps like GasBuddy, Waze, Upside and AAA's Gas Prices tool. Tech is truly amazing.

  1. Use fuel rewards programs

A lot of gas stations and grocery stores offer these types of programs which really help! 

Once you reach a certain purchasing milestone, you might be given a discount off per gallon of gas. Or they may offer a percentage discount after you spend a certain amount of money. Either way, it’s a win-win. We have partnered with Fuel Rewards® to give you big savings at the pump!

  1. Drive a fuel-efficient car

If you have the means, it might be a good time to consider upgrading your car for something that has better mileage or even an electric vehicle. 

  1. Plan your trips wisely

If you can, try to combine multiple errands into one trip instead of making several separate trips. There’s also carpooling or public transportation if it's available in your area. 

  1. Keep your car in shape

A poorly maintained car can use more gas than necessary. Keeping up with oil changes, tire rotations, and air filter replacements will save you more money than you might think.

Don’t forget to make sure your tires are properly inflated, too!

Ok, so are you gassed up on all these amazing hacks yet? Sorry, we had to throw another pun in there. 

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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