Cleaning up Hasbro's Mess in the Rigged Game of Life

Introducing Super™, the technology company that enables Americans to spend less, save more, and build credit so they can thrive in the REAL game of life.

Liar, liar, The Game of Life® is on fire

For over 80 years, families have gathered around the table for an innocent evening playing The Game of Life. And for over 80 years, kids were taught they start with wads of cash, a car, and their choice of a career and college. Turns out, we were all lied to. The Game of Life continues to perpetuate a false reality of life in America. While the Hasbro team has made steps to modernize the board game, Super is rewriting the rulebook to reflect what’s actually going on in 2022.

Introducing the game of REAL life - because we don’t all start with six figures in our pocket. College doesn’t always mean a higher paying job. Not everyone can buy a house whenever they feel like it. And the person with the most money in the end doesn’t always win.

Super is rewriting the rulebook so all can not only survive, but thrive in the game of REAL life.

Super’s research revealed that 76% of no-or-low credit Americans have personally experienced hardships such as lack of qualification for loans, inability to buy or lease a car, or rent an apartment.

That’s just one reason why we built the product to change everything. A credit-building rewards card that discriminates against no one. There are no credit checks and you earn cashback1 on every purchase. The best part? Zero minimum balance and zero monthly fees.

Hasbro's Game of Life is rigged, but Super is on a mission to rewrite the rules to the game of REAL life, so millions of Americans can save the most and live the fullest.

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Meet thE Change Agents
Hussein Fazal
Co-Founder + CEO
Henry Shi
Co-Founder + COO
Daniel Weisenfeld
Chief Financial Officer
Radhika Duggal
Chief Marketing Officer